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The development of the online environment is an important step towards the improvement of the quality of services provided by us. Both, personal coaching and busines coaching, will be enhanced significantly. Considering that my professional approach, psychodynamic psychologist with huge influence from humanistic and existential psychology, this environment will bring me a flow of information which is necessary to perform my work at its best. Given the characteristics of psychodynamic psychology we deal with multiple channels of information. By adding this online environment we aim to reach this information with more regularity and intensity. It is being implemented in an experimental phase.

Know more about psychodynamic psychology ( In my case Junguian approach).

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Messias Nascimento - Psychologist
KvK nr. 57444900

Keep a blocknote

It is important to keep a blocknote so that you can register the impressions that you get during the exercises.

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How to send my answers to the exercises or submit my dreams to analyse?

Click in the link "Contact" in the menu and it will bring you to the contact page in a new window. Your answer will be printed and deleted from the eletronic devices. Nothing will be stored in the server.