Privacy and Cookie Policy

Last update : (05/07/2020)

The Vida Criativa’s website server records the IP number of website’s visitors, this registration is mandatory in order to make the access and presentation of the contents possible. This is an unavoidable technical condition and it is in accordance with existing EU regulation which exempt the need for requesting authorization for this registration. This IP address, for regular visitors, will be recorded in a logbook for a maximum period of maximal 3 weeks, after it is removed automatically. Numbers of IPs belonging to users or servers, from which we notice that they use malicious code or make attempts to invade the system, will be permanently blacklisted in the protection applications of our system.
Vida Criativa doesn't ask or keep any personal data in the server.
Names that eventually are said in recordings or written in texts are fantasy names and any similarities with real names are mere coincidence.

We only use functional cookies that are absolutely necessary to get the website working, for login and browser sessions.

Keep a blocknote

It is important to keep a blocknote so that you can register the impressions that you get during the exercises.

Urgent questions?

Don't hesitate to call or send a text message in case of doubts of any nature.

How to send my answers to the exercises or submit my dreams to analyse?

Click in the link "Contact" in the menu and it will bring you to the contact page in a new window. Your answer will be printed and deleted from the eletronic devices. Nothing will be stored in the server.